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Custom Cannabis Vape Hardware & Packaging


Custom Cannabis Vape Hardware & Packaging

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Best Wholesale Vape Hardware and Cannabis Packaging Supplier

We believe trust is the most valuable treasure we could ever have, it is also why we are still alive and growing. To offer better service and build trust with our customers, we visit the US annually. Through these visits, we have gained a deeper understanding of your production processes and requirements.

With 7 years of experience in the wholesale cannabis packaging industry, Nickvi Packaging specializes in manufacturing high-quality vape hardware and providing top-tier cannabis packaging solutions. We are well-versed in all mainstream cannabis packaging options, including child-resistant Mylar bags and paper boxes. Additionally, we excel in offering biodegradable and eco-friendly cannabis packaging alternatives. Our expertise covers every detail of quality control, materials, cost, production, and delivery timelines.

As a dedicated cannabis packaging company, Nickvi Packaging goes above and beyond to meet the diverse requirements of medical marijuana packaging. If you are looking for a reliable cannabis packaging partner, we invite you to contact us. We are eager to build trust and start our partnership with a small order.

Why Us?

Professional Cannabis Packaging Solutions

With a dedicated focus on the cannabis packaging industry for 7 years, we possess extensive knowledge of the advantages, quality, and production of all common cannabis product packaging. Our expertise ensures that we understand the unique requirements of your products.

We visit the US twice every year to engage with our customers, gaining a deep understanding of your production processes and specific needs. This commitment allows us to provide sustainable cannabis packaging solutions that perfectly align with your standards and expectations.

Save Money & Risk

Sourcing your brand’s cannabis packaging design from China can significantly reduce costs compared to purchasing from local dispensary packaging wholesalers.

However, we recognize the concerns associated with international wholesale cannabis packaging. To alleviate these concerns, we visit the US twice a year to build trust and ensure seamless transactions, providing you with confidence and reliability in your packaging solutions.

Save Time

Our customers need a variety of cannabis packaging solutions, including vape hardware, child-resistant marijuana packaging boxes, dispensary weed bags, cannabis seed packaging, cannabis flower packaging, cannabis concentrate packaging, cannabis pre-roll packaging, cannabis edible packaging, and more.

Sourcing these diverse products independently can be time-consuming and costly. We streamline this process by supplying all packaging items related to the cannabis industry, saving you valuable time and resources.

Honest Wholesale Cannabis Packaging

We understand that risk is the biggest concern for customers when purchasing from Chinese suppliers. However, we believe that once trust is established, the process becomes significantly easier. We are committed to building this trust step by step, treating it as our most valuable asset.

Our dedication to quality and innovation ensures that your products stand out in the market. Partner with us to elevate your brand with our state-of-the-art cannabis packaging solutions, and experience the benefits of working with a reliable and transparent partner.

Search by Custom Cannabis Packaging Product

Empty Disposable Vape Pen

We produce all kinds of high quality custom empty disposable vape pens in the cannabis packaging industry.

510 vape cartridge

We have focused on supplying brand customers with high-quality and cost effective custom 510 vape cartridges and cartridge packaging.

Custom 510 thread battery

We produce the best quality custom 510 thread battery for the cannabis packaging industry, with 0 complaints.

Mylar bag gallery

Child-resistant mylar bag is one of the best cannabis packages for vape pens, edibles, and weed. Compared to other packages, it is cheap, healthy and easy to use. You can customize your mylar bag with your brand logo, pattern design, and size to fit your product.

Paper box gallery

Child-resistant paper boxes are mainly for vape cartridge packaging, disposable vape pens, and prerolls. Those brands choose the paper box as it looks more luxurious. You can also customize your paper box with your brand logo, pattern design, and size to fit your product. Also, usually, you will need a display case to pack the tubes.

CBD packaging boxes

We make all types of paper box cannabis packaging such as Sliding drawer boxes, Magnetic boxes, Lid and base boxes, Tube boxes, Gift boxes, Battery boxes, Tincture boxes, Concentrate boxes, etc.

Pop tops gallery

Custom Pre-Roll Tubes is mainly used for preroll, vape cartridge, or flower. It is one of the cheapest cannabis packaging. Common methods to customize a pop top tube are color customization, Labeling, Heat shrink film, Heat transfer printing, and In Mold Labeling. Also, usually, you will need a display case to pack the tubes.

Glass tube gallery

Child child-resistant glass tube is usually used to pack a preroll. Compared to pop top tube, a glass tube looks much more high-end. Common methods to customize a glass tube are color customization, Labeling, and Heat shrink film. Also, usually, you will need a display case to pack the tubes.

Preroll cone gallery

Brand your own cannabis pre roll packaging.
Preroll is always one of the most popular products, brand your own preroll is one of the best ways to promote your brand. We offer a service for you to make the design on the crutch, and customize your size and color.

Custom Cannabis Packaging Design Factory Informations

Vape hardware

Vape Hardware Wholesale

Focus on cannabis vape hardware wholesale over 7 years, NICKVI is the best wholesale vape hardware supplier and has a 1400-square-meter factory and over 80 workers, supplying high-quality customized cannabis vape hardware for over 20 brands. Lower than 0.1% failure rate, most pure taste, all our cartridges are made of heavy metal free material.

Paper box

Paper Boxes

10 years experience in paper box manufacturing, 2500-square-meter factory, over 30 workers. Mainly supplying high-quality child-resistant paper packaging for the dispensary packaging industry.

Mylar bag

Cannabis Mylar Bags

12 years experience in mylar bag production, 4000-square-meter factory, over 50 workers, full automatic printing machine, cutting machine, quality testing machine, etc. Producing child-proof mylar bags for the cannabis packaging industry since 2017.

Glass product

Glass Products

8 years experience in glass container manufacturing, 1500-square-meter factory, over 20 workers. Mainly supplying all kinds of high-quality child-resistant glass tubes and glass jars to the US market and Europe market, customization dispensary packaging service available.

Plastic tube

Plastic Products

15 years experience in plastic container manufacturing, 5000-square-meter factory, over 40 workers, and 20 sets of injection machines. Mainly supplying all kinds of high-quality child-resistant plastic bottles to the US market and Europe market, customization dispensary packaging service available.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabis Packaging Design

Do We Provide Samples?

Yes, we provide free blank samples or your customization samples for you to test quality.

How Long Can You Receive the Samples?

Blank samples 7-10 days, Customization samples around 7 days.

Can We Do Video Meeting for Communications?

Yes, we prefer call/video meetings for complicated communication to save your time.

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