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Custom 510 Thread Battery Wholesale Manufacturer With 0 Complaint

NICKVIpackaging: Custom Cheapest 510 Thread Battery Bulk

NICKVIpackaging prioritizes exceptional quality by utilizing only the best lithium ion cells, resulting in a zero-complaint record. Our extensive selection offers the perfect custom vape pen battery for any concentrate, including distillate, delta 8/9, and both live resin and rosin, all conveniently equipped with universal Type-C charging for your ease.

To enhance our services and cultivate trust with our customers, we make annual visits to the United States to connect with them directly. Through these visits and interactions with customers, we gain deeper insights into your production processes and requirements.

What Is a 510 Thread Battery

A 510 thread battery is a type of battery commonly used in vaping devices, particularly for vaporizing cannabis oil cartridges. The term “510” refers to the threading that connects the battery to the cartridge. The threading has 10 screw threads, and the “5” refers to the diameter of the threading, which is 5 millimeters.

These batteries come in rechargeable and disposable options. Rechargeable batteries typically use a USB cable for charging, while disposable batteries are thrown away after they die.

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What Is a 510 Thread Battery
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How Much Is a 510 Thread Battery

The cost of a 510 thread battery can vary depending on several factors, including the brand, features, quality, and where you purchase it from. Generally, you can find basic 510 thread batteries for as low as $10 to $20. However, more advanced batteries with variable voltage settings, longer battery life, or other features may cost anywhere from $20 to $50 or more.

How to Clean 510 Thread Battery

Items you’ll need:

  • Isopropyl alcohol ( rubbing alcohol) – at least 70% concentration is recommended
  • Cotton swabs
  • Optional: Paper towels


Disconnect the battery: Make sure the battery is off and disconnected from any cartridge or atomizer.

Clean the connectors: Dampen a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol. Don’t drench the swab; you just want it moist. Gently wipe down the threading on both the battery and the cartridge (if cleaning that as well). Be careful not to get any alcohol into the center pin of the battery or the airflow holes on the cartridge.

Wipe down the exterior: Use another damp cotton swab with alcohol (or a fresh one) to clean the rest of the battery’s exterior. You can use a dry paper towel to remove any excess moisture.

Let it dry completely: Before reattaching the cartridge or using the battery, allow everything to air dry completely. Isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly, but it’s important to make sure there’s no moisture present to avoid any issues.

Additional tips:

Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your battery, as this can damage it.
If the threads are heavily clogged with residue, you may need to soak a cotton swab in alcohol for a few minutes before cleaning.
Clean your battery regularly to prevent buildup and ensure optimal performance.
By following these steps, you can easily clean your 510 thread battery and keep it functioning properly.

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How to Use 510 Thread Battery

Using a 510 thread battery is fairly straightforward.

1. Attach the Cartridge
Ensure your battery is off and disconnected from anything.
Screw the cartridge onto the 510 thread connection on the battery. Most cartridges screw on easily, but don’t force it.

2. Turn on the Battery (if needed)
Many 510 thread batteries have a power button you press to activate them. It’s common to press the button 5 times rapidly to turn it on and off.
Some batteries may use a draw-activated switch, meaning you simply inhale to activate the heating element.
Consult the manufacturer’s instructions if you’re unsure about your specific battery.

3. Optional: Preheating (for thicker oils)
Some batteries offer preheating, which can be helpful for thicker oils that vaporize better at higher temperatures.
Refer to your battery’s instructions for preheating functionality and usage.

4. Take a Puff
If your battery uses a button, hold it down while inhaling through the mouthpiece of the cartridge.
For draw-activated batteries, simply inhale through the mouthpiece.
Inhale for 1-2 seconds, then wait a few seconds between puffs to avoid burning the coil.

5. Stop When Satisfied
Once you’ve taken your desired amount of puffs, release the button (if applicable).

Can You Bring a 510 Thread Battery on a Plane

You cannot pack a 510 thread battery in your checked luggage on a plane due to safety regulations. Lithium ion batteries, which are common in these batteries, are considered a fire hazard in the cargo hold of an airplane [TSA vape rules].

Here’s what the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says about bringing electronic cigarettes and vape devices on airplanes:

  • Carry-on Only
    Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices can be brought onto the plane in your carry-on luggage [TSA vape rules].
  • Packing Requirements
    Pack them in a clear case and keep them separate from other belongings.
  • Turn them Off
    Ensure they are turned off and cannot accidentally activate during the flight.

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How Long to Charge 510 Thread Battery

Most 510 thread batteries take between one to two hours to fully charge . However, the charging time can vary depending on a few factors.
Battery capacity: Higher-capacity batteries (mAh) will take longer to charge than lower-capacity batteries.
Charging current: The charger you use will determine the current (amps) at which your battery charges. Most chargers for 510 thread batteries are rated at 0.5 or 1.0 amps, but some may be higher. A higher charging current will charge your battery faster, but it can also reduce the lifespan of your battery.
How drained the battery is: If your battery is completely drained, it will take longer to charge than if it is only partially drained.

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Do All Vapes Have 510 Thread?

No, not all vapes have 510 thread. In the past, there were other thread types used in vapes, but 510 thread became the standard because it was widely adopted by manufacturers. Today, almost all vape tanks and cartridges use the 510 thread for compatibility.

Are 510 Thread Batteries Legal?

The legality of 510 thread batteries depends on what you intend to use them with.
The batteries themselves are generally legal. 510 thread batteries are just the power source and don’t contain any controlled substances. They are similar to the batteries used in other electronic devices.
However, what you use the battery with can be illegal. 510 thread batteries are commonly used with vape cartridges that contain THC oil, which is illegal in some places. In some areas, CBD oil cartridges that screw onto 510 thread batteries may also be illegal.

What Uses a 510 Thread Battery?

A 510 thread battery is commonly used for vaporizing cannabis oil cartridges. These cartridges contain concentrated cannabis oil, which is heated by the battery-powered device to produce vapor that can be inhaled. The 510 thread battery provides the power necessary to heat the oil and create vapor.

Additionally, some 510 thread batteries may also be compatible with attachments or atomizers designed for vaping dry herbs or wax concentrates. This versatility allows users to enjoy different forms of cannabis using the same battery device, simply by attaching the appropriate cartridge or accessory. However, it’s important to note that not all 510 thread batteries are suitable for vaping dry herbs or wax, so it’s essential to check compatibility before use.

What Is a Vape Battery Vs Vape Pen?

A vape pen is an all-in-one unit, while a vape battery is just a part that can be used with different attachments.

  • Vape Pen
    This is the complete vaping device, often shaped like a pen. It typically consists of two main parts:
    Battery: This provides power to heat the e-liquid or concentrate.
    Atomizer: This part (including the cartridge or coil) holds the vaping material and heats it up when powered by the battery. You inhale the vapor produced by the atomizer.
  • Vape Battery
    This is just the power source for a vape device. It can be a standalone battery used with various atomizers or cartridges (usually through a standard 510 thread connection). This is more common with vapes for concentrates or dry herbs.

Can You Vape Nicotine with a 510 Battery?

Yes, you can vape nicotine with a 510 thread battery. While 510 thread batteries are commonly associated with vaping cannabis oil cartridges, they can also be used with nicotine e-liquid cartridges or atomizers. Many manufacturers produce 510 thread batteries specifically for vaping nicotine, and these batteries often come with features tailored to nicotine vaping, such as variable voltage settings or preheat functions.


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Custom 510 Thread Battery Models

Custom vape pen battery

510 thread battery wholesale
Customization color
Type C charging port
Volt adjustable 1.8v-4.2v
15S preheating function

UNIV battery
UNIV 500mah Custom Vape Battery

510 thread battery wholesale
Customization color
Type C charging port
No volt adjustable function
15S preheating function

HID battery

510 thread battery wholesale
Customization color
Type C charging port
Volt 2.6v white/3.1v blue/3.6v red
15S preheating function

2ml battery
2ml 500mah Custom 510 Thread Battery

510 thread battery wholesale
Customization color
Type C charging port
Volt 2.6v white/3.1v blue/3.6v red
15S preheating function

Esmart U
Esmart 350mah Custom Cart Battery

510 thread battery bulk
Customization color
Type C charging port
Volt 2.6v white/3.1v blue/3.6v red
15S preheating function

C1 battery
Auto Drive 350mah Custom Cart Battery

Custom vape pen battery
Customization color
With 510 thread charger
No volt adjustable function
No preheating function

6 Products Found.

Custom Cart Battery Options

We offer customization services for all our 510 vape batteries. Welcome to contact us if you are looking for Custom Cart Battery.

  • Custom brand
    Custom 510 Vape Battery Logo/Brand

    Silk print logo on the Custom Cart Battery

  • Custom finish process
    Custom Cart Battery Finishing

    Painting or electroplating Custom Cart Battery

  • Custom vape pen battery
    Custom Funny 510 Thread Battery Color

    Any Pantone color of your funny 510 thread battery can be made

Advantages of Nano Funny Custom 510 Thread Battery

Our Nano custom 510 thread battery will be the smallest custom vape pen battery you will ever see.
It has a screen to show you battery information.
Variable Voltage custom 510 Thread Battery: 1.8v-4.2v.
Custom cart battery with preheating function.

Custom vape pen battery
UNIV battery

Advantages of UNIV Custom 510 Thread Battery Bulk

The only custom vape pen battery that fits all 510 cartridges perfectly.
The cartridge is totally hidden.
Very strong power.
Very easy to use.

Advantages of HID Custom 510 Thread Battery

Exquisite appearance.
Very strong power.
With preheating function.
Variable Voltage custom 510 Thread Battery, 2.6v/3.1v/3.6v.

HID battery
2ml battery

Advantages of 2ml Custom 510 Thread Battery

Specially designed for 2ml vape cartridge.
Very strong power.
With preheating function.
3 level voltage available, 2.6v/3.1v/3.6v.

Advantages of Esmart Custom 510 Thread Battery Bulk

One of the most classic designs.
Large volume of sales.
Custom vape pen battery with preheating function.
3 level voltage available, 2.6v/3.1v/3.6v.

Esmart U
C1 battery

Advantages of Autodrive Custom 510 Thread Battery

One of the most classic designs.
Large volume of sales.
Very easy to use.
Cheapest 510 thread battery option.

How Do We Guarantee the Quality of Your Custom 510 Thread Battery?

Lithium cell test
Smoking test

The lithium battery cell is a key component of the 510 threaded battery, and its quality directly affects the performance, safety and service life of the battery. To ensure product quality, we only use Class A lithium battery cells in our production.

An equally important piece is the battery’s circuit board (PCBA). During the production process, PCBA boards are prone to problems. Therefore, we conduct strict testing on each circuit board before use to ensure that it meets specifications and reduce the failure rate.

In addition to basic electrical board testing, we also include a comprehensive battery testing program covering the following aspects:

Multi-level performance test: simulate load and voltage changes under different usage scenarios to ensure stable battery performance.
Capacity test: Verify whether the actual capacity of the battery reaches the nominal value and extend the use time.
Temperature control monitoring: Monitor the battery operating temperature in real time to ensure that it remains within a safe range.

Through these stringent quality inspection procedures, we are committed to providing you with high-quality, safe and reliable 510 threaded batteries.

Custom 510 Battery Packaging

510 battery paper boxes
Sliding Drawer Box

Sliding drawer box is a popular paper packaging for 510 batteries.

Magnetic boxes
Magnetic Boxes

Magnetic boxes are a classic design and easy to open.

Lid and base boxes
Lid and Base Boxes

Lid and base boxes are classic paper packaging.

Paper tube boxes
Tube Box

Paper tube packaging is a good option to display the 510 battery.

Coated paper boxes
Coated Paper Boxes

Coated paper boxes are the cheapest option for the custom 510 thread battery.

Vape Factory
Custom Cheapest 510 Thread Vape Battery Bulk Manufacturer in China
  • “They produce the best quality and cheapest 510 thread battery in the industry.”

Custom 510 Thread Battery Related Products

How Many Days Can We Send Custom 510 Thread Battery Bulk Samples?

We will send blank samples in 1-2 days and custom 510 battery samples in 7 days.

How Long Can We Send Your Bulk Custom 510 Battery Order?

We will finish your order in 3 weeks.

How Long Is the Warranty of Our Custom Cart Battery Bulk?

3 years.

Can We Produce Your Original Design 510 Vape Battery?

Yes, we can build your original design.

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