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Mini Vape Battery

HID Palm Vape Battery

HID Palm Battery

Custom HID Battery
The HID palm battery was designed to hide your cartridge. It is the first 510 battery that allows you to hold the battery in your palm perfectly. Many people say “wow” when they see this palm vape battery in the first sight.

Quality life
This battery is a high-level palm battery with A grade 500mah lithium cell, it allows the user to taste the purest flavor of your cannabis oil.
We use heavy zinc alloy to make the cover, not like other light batteries in the market, it makes you feel the quality.

Custom service
HID Palm vape battery will be a nice option to promote your branded cartridge and disposable vape pen or your dispensary. You can make a customization design on this palm battery and your custom package to make this product unique.

HID Palm Vape Battery Features

3 level Voltage
This palm vape battery allows you to change the voltage by 3 levels, 2.6v-3.1v-3.6v.

Preheating function
The pre-heating function allows you to warm your cartridge before vaping, it helps you to experience the best terpene flavor.

Type C charging port
Just like all our other batteries, the HID palm battery also has a Type C charging hole in the bottom.

Custom cart battery
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