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Mini Vape Battery

Nano Mini Vape Battery

Nano Mini 510 Vape Battery

Many people love this Nano mini vape battery as it is the smallest 510-thread battery on the market. People have never seen such a cute mini vape battery before. It is the best product to promote your cannabis brand and dispensary.

We offer a customization service for your mini vape battery with different patterns, colors, branding, and logos on the LCD screen.

We only use the best A-grade lithium cell in our mini 510 vape battery, you can tell customers free return if there are any defects.

Nano Mini 510 Vape Battery Features

LCD screen
The LCD screen will show the remaining power, voltage, resistance, puff number, and smoking time of every vape.

Voltage 1.8v-4.2v
Our Nano mini 510 vape battery allows the user to adjust the working voltage from 1.8v to 4.2v by 0.1v each time. A wide voltage range battery allows the user to find the best vaping experience for different cannabis oils.

Custom vape pen battery
Custom vape pen battery

More Mini 510 Vape Battery Functions

Preheating function
Cannabis oil vape cartridges is easy to get clogged in cold areas, a mini 510 vape battery with a preheating function will solve this problem perfectly.

Type C charging port
Every Nano mini 510 vape battery has a Type C charging port on the button, so people don’t need to buy an extra cable for charging.

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