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Custom cannabis mylar bags

Custom Mylar Weed Bags Wholesale Supplier in China

Custom Cannabis Mylar Bags Wholesale

Cannabis mylar bags are the most popular child proof mylar bags for THC vape cartridges, THC disposable vape pens, THC edibles, and weed. More and more customers choose customized mylar bags to pack their THC products because of the advantages below:

  • Cheap

Child resistant mylar bag is one of the cheapest packaging for THC products.

  • Easy to design

Cannabis mylar bags are the most suitable ones for customization among all packaging options, you can make your custom mylar bags by pattern design, size, shape, surface processing, etc.

  • Healthy

The inside layer of cannabis mylar bags uses food grade PE film, and the smell proof sealing zipper will keep the product fresh.

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Printed Mylar Bags Production Process in Our Factory

To make your smell proof cannabis bags, we will need to know the information as below:
Size: We will send you a template according to your THC product.
surface effect: Matte, glossy, soft touch, holographic.
Surface treatment: UV, gold foil, silver foil.
Thickness: The most common thicknesses are 0.12mm, 0.13mm, 0.14mm, and 0.15mm.
Hanging hole: Let us know if you need it or not.

We have been supplying high quality custom mylar bags to cannabis customers since 2017, don’t hesitate to send an inquire if you are looking to make your custom mylar bags.

Common Sizes of Weed Bags

When it comes to packaging cannabis, the size of the weed bags is crucial to ensure the product is stored properly and remains fresh. NICKVI Packaging offers a variety of sizes for custom Mylar weed bags to meet different packaging needs.

Sizes of Weed Bags Dimensions Use
1 Gram Weed Bags Approximately 3″ x 4″ Ideal for single grams of cannabis flower. Commonly used for sample packs or small amounts of premium strains.
1/8 Ounce (3.5 Grams) Weed Bags Approximately 4″ x 6″ Popular size for eighths, a common retail quantity. Suitable for both individual use and dispensary sales.
1/4 Ounce (7 Grams) Weed Bags Approximately 5″ x 8″ Used for quarter ounces, offering a bit more product for regular consumers. Often used by dispensaries for promotional packaging.
1/2 Ounce (14 Grams) Weed Bags Approximately 6″ x 9″ For half ounces of cannabis, catering to regular users or those looking for more cost-effective purchasing options.
1 Ounce (28 Grams) Weed Bags Approximately 8″ x 10″ Standard size for full ounces, suitable for frequent users or bulk purchases. This size is often used by dispensaries and retail shops.
Larger Bulk Sizes Ideal for bulk storage and wholesale transactions. These sizes are typically used by growers and large-scale distributors.
Quarter Pound (112 Grams) Weed Bags Approximately 10″ x 14″
Half Pound (224 Grams) Weed Bags Approximately 12″ x 16″
Pound (448 Grams) Weed Bags Approximately 14″ x 18″


Weed Measurements

Understanding the different slang terms and their corresponding weights for cannabis can help you make informed decisions about your purchases. We will clarify how much you’re getting with each term, aiding in both consumption and budgeting. Accurate measurements are typically taken using a digital scale. If you’re not familiar with these terms, translating them into practical amounts can be quite helpful.

From “Dime Bag” to Gram

The smallest measurement you’ll often hear is the “dime bag.” This term is becoming less common in dispensaries but remains familiar in cannabis culture. A dime bag contains half a gram of marijuana and traditionally costs $10, though prices can vary with dispensary offerings and strains. With legal dispensaries, $10 might now get you more cannabis than it did before.

Nowadays, a gram is often the smallest quantity available for purchase. One gram can be rolled into 2-3 joints, depending on your rolling technique. Although a gram might sound minimal, it is equivalent to 1/28th of an ounce, providing more substance than a teaspoon of sugar. Grams can be bought as flower or pre-rolled joints.

Dub of Bud – 2 Grams

The term “dub” refers to two grams of weed, often associated with a $20 price tag. This amount is about the size of two large nuggets and can be rolled into approximately five joints. Prices can vary based on quality and location.

“An Eighth” of an Ounce

An eighth, or one-eighth of an ounce, equals 3.5 grams. It’s a popular measurement, with prices varying by cannabis quality. An eighth usually lasts a week for average users and can be rolled into 7-10 joints. Nicknames for this amount include half a quarter, slice, cut, and eify. Prices typically range from $25-35.

A “Quarter” of an Ounce to a Half

A quarter, or 7 grams, costs around $50-70 and can yield about 15 joints. It’s also known as a quad or Q. From a quarter, the next step is a half-ounce, which equals 14 grams and costs about $100-120. This amount, referred to as half an O, half a zip, or half-O, can produce 30 or more joints. Medical marijuana users often buy these larger amounts to reduce the frequency of dispensary visits.

The “Ounce”

An ounce, or 28 grams, is typically the largest amount you can legally possess in many places. Equivalent to around 100 joints, an ounce costs between $150-280, depending on quality. Common slang for an ounce includes O, O-zone, zip, or lid. It’s a month’s supply for an average user.

In certain areas, larger quantities such as quarter-pound, half-pound, or full pound may be available. Prices increase with quantity and quality. Always check local laws to understand possession limits.


What Are Cannabis Mylar Bags

Cannabis mylar bags are specialized packaging designed for storing and transporting cannabis products. They are made from mylar, which is a type of polyester film known for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to moisture and light. These bags are often used in the cannabis industry because they help preserve the freshness and potency of the products inside by protecting them from external elements like air, light, and humidity.

Mylar bags used for cannabis typically come in various sizes and designs, including opaque or translucent options. They often feature resealable closures, such as zipper seals or heat-sealed openings, to ensure that the contents remain securely sealed and protected. Additionally, many cannabis mylar bags are designed to be smell-proof, helping to conceal the odor of the cannabis products inside and maintain discretion during storage and transportation.


Are Cannabis Mylar Bags Smell Proof

Cannabis mylar bags are often designed to be smell-proof, meaning they are constructed to contain the odor of the cannabis products stored inside. This is achieved through the materials used in manufacturing the bags, which are selected for their ability to block odors from escaping. Additionally, many cannabis mylar bags feature resealable closures, such as zipper seals or heat-sealed openings, which help further contain any odors.

However, it’s essential to note that while cannabis mylar bags are designed to minimize the scent of the products they contain, they may not be completely odor-proof in all situations. Factors such as the potency of the cannabis, the quality of the bag, and how well it is sealed can all influence its ability to contain odors effectively. Therefore, while cannabis mylar bags can significantly reduce the smell of cannabis, they may not eliminate it entirely, especially if the smell is exceptionally strong or if the bag is damaged or improperly sealed.


Why Do Dispensaries Use Mylar Bags

Overall, Mylar bags offer dispensaries a reliable and versatile packaging solution that helps maintain the quality, freshness, security, and compliance of their cannabis products.

Preservation of Freshness: Mylar bags are airtight and watertight, which helps preserve the freshness of cannabis products. By minimizing exposure to air and moisture, Mylar bags can help maintain the potency, flavor, and aroma of the cannabis for a longer period.

Protection from Light: Mylar bags are often opaque or feature light-blocking layers, shielding the contents from harmful UV rays. This is crucial because light exposure can degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis, leading to a decrease in quality over time.

Security and Discretion: Mylar bags provide a secure and discreet way to package cannabis products. They often come with resealable closures, such as zipper seals or heat-sealed openings, which help prevent tampering and keep the contents secure during storage and transportation. Additionally, Mylar bags can help contain the odor of cannabis, adding another layer of discretion.

Regulatory Compliance: In many jurisdictions, regulations require cannabis products to be packaged in child-resistant and tamper-evident containers. Mylar bags can be designed to meet these requirements, ensuring that dispensaries comply with local laws and regulations.


Can Dogs Smell Drugs Through Mylar Bags

While Mylar bags are designed to be airtight and minimize the transmission of odors, they may not completely mask the scent of drugs to highly trained drug detection dogs. These dogs have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell, capable of detecting even trace amounts of various substances.

Drug detection dogs are trained to detect specific scents associated with drugs, and they can often detect these scents even through packaging materials like Mylar bags. However, using Mylar bags may make it more challenging for the scent to disperse, potentially slowing down the detection process or requiring the dog to get closer to the source.


How Long Will Mylar Bags Last

The lifespan of Mylar bags can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of the material, storage conditions, and the specific contents being stored.

Quality of Material: Higher quality Mylar bags made from thicker material and with superior sealing mechanisms are likely to last longer than lower quality alternatives. It’s essential to choose Mylar bags from reputable suppliers to ensure their durability and effectiveness.

Storage Conditions: Mylar bags should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark environment to maximize their lifespan. Exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight can degrade the material over time and compromise its protective properties.

Contents Being Stored: The type of contents being stored in Mylar bags can also affect their lifespan. Some foods or products may be more acidic or contain oils that can degrade the Mylar material over time. It’s essential to follow proper storage guidelines for specific items to ensure their longevity.

While some sources suggest that foods stored in Mylar bags can last for up to twenty-five years, it’s essential to exercise caution and regularly inspect stored items for signs of degradation or spoilage. As a general guideline, it’s advisable not to rely on Mylar bags for storing items for more than five years to ensure their safety and quality. Additionally, for businesses, regularly assessing and replacing packaging materials is crucial for maintaining the integrity of stored goods and ensuring long-term storage success.


Do Mylar Bags Prevent Mold

Yes, Mylar bags can help prevent mold growth by providing a barrier against moisture and humidity. Mold requires moisture to grow, and Mylar bags, with their moisture-resistant properties, help keep the contents dry, reducing the likelihood of mold development.


Are Dispensary Bags Smell Proof

Yes, many dispensary bags, particularly those made from Mylar, are designed to be smell-proof. Mylar bags are commonly used in the cannabis industry due to their ability to effectively contain odors, preserving the freshness and discretion of the products inside.

Mylar bags are constructed with multiple layers of materials, typically including polyester film (Mylar), aluminum foil, and polyethylene, which collectively create a barrier against odors, moisture, and other external elements. This design helps prevent the scent of cannabis or other aromatic substances from escaping, making Mylar bags an ideal choice for packaging cannabis products while maintaining discretion.

Additionally, Mylar bags often feature resealable closures, such as zipper seals or heat-sealed openings, which further contribute to their odor-proof properties by ensuring a tight seal.


Can Drug Dogs Detect Edibles

Yes, drug detection dogs can be trained to detect the scent of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, even when it’s present in edible form. However, there are some challenges associated with detecting edibles compared to other forms of cannabis.

As mentioned, edibles often contain other ingredients that can mask or dilute the scent of THC, making it more difficult for drug detection dogs to identify. Additionally, the scent of edibles may be less potent or distinct compared to raw cannabis flower or other concentrated forms of cannabis, further complicating the detection process.

Research, such as the study published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology, has indeed shown that drug detection dogs may be less accurate in detecting cannabis edibles compared to other forms of cannabis. This is likely due to the factors mentioned above, as well as the varying composition and packaging of edibles, which can affect the distribution and intensity of scent.

However, drug detection dogs are highly trained and can still be effective in detecting cannabis edibles under certain circumstances. Handlers may utilize various training methods and techniques to enhance the dogs’ ability to detect edibles, and ongoing research and advancements in canine detection training continue to improve their accuracy and effectiveness in detecting a wide range of substances, including cannabis edibles.


Can You Fly with an Edible Checked Bag

Traveling with cannabis edibles, or any cannabis product containing more than 0.3 percent THC, on an aircraft is against federal law in many countries, including the United States. This prohibition applies to both carry-on and checked luggage.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States, for example, strictly prohibits the possession of marijuana, including cannabis edibles, at airport security checkpoints and aboard aircraft. If TSA agents discover cannabis or cannabis-related products during security screening, they are required to report it to law enforcement.

Although some states have legalized recreational or medical marijuana use, federal law still classifies cannabis as a Schedule I controlled substance, and transporting it across state lines or on federal property, such as airports, remains illegal.


Can CBD Gummies Go Through Airport Security

While it’s true that CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal under federal law in the United States and can be transported in checked luggage, it’s essential to be aware of the regulations and guidelines set by airport security and transportation authorities. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows passengers to travel with certain CBD products that meet specific criteria.

  • Legal THC Limit: CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC to be considered legal under federal law. Products that exceed this limit may be confiscated, and passengers could face legal consequences.
  • Checked Luggage vs. Carry-On: CBD products, including CBD gummies, are generally allowed in checked luggage as long as they comply with the legal THC limit. However, passengers should check with their airline and destination’s regulations regarding CBD products to ensure compliance.
  • Documentation: It’s advisable to carry any necessary documentation or certificates of analysis (COA) to verify the THC content of the CBD products. While TSA agents are primarily focused on security threats and may not specifically search for CBD products, having proper documentation can help clarify any questions or concerns that may arise during screening.
  • International Travel: Regulations regarding CBD products may vary between countries. Travelers should research and familiarize themselves with the laws and regulations of their destination regarding CBD products before traveling internationally.

Overall, while CBD gummies and other CBD products can be transported through airport security in checked luggage if they meet the legal THC limit, passengers should ensure compliance with applicable regulations and guidelines to avoid any issues during screening or while traveling.


Can Airport Scanners Detect CBD Oil

Airport security scanners, such as those used by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), are not specifically designed to detect CBD oil or any other specific substance. These scanners primarily detect objects based on their density and composition, focusing on identifying potential security threats or prohibited items.

CBD oil, being a liquid, would be subject to the same screening procedures as other liquids carried by passengers. While airport scanners may not specifically identify CBD oil as such, security personnel may still detect liquids during screening and take appropriate measures to ensure compliance with regulations.

Passengers carrying CBD oil or other liquid products should adhere to the volume limits allowed for liquids in carry-on luggage, typically restricted to containers of 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item, and ensure that all liquids are properly packaged and declared during the security screening process.


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Custom Printed Mylar Bags Types

Vape pen mylar bags
Vape Pen Mylar Bags Ziplock Bags

Vape pen Mylar bags with ziplock features are a popular choice for packaging vape pens due to their durability, resealability, and protective qualities.

Custom edible bags
Custom Edible Mylar Bags

Custom edible Mylar bags are essential for packaging cannabis edibles, ensuring freshness, safety, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Custom mylar weed bags
Custom Mylar Weed Bags

Custom Mylar weed bags are a popular choice for packaging cannabis flowers due to their durability, barrier properties, and customization options.

3 Products Found.

Custom Cannabis Mylar Bags Options

Custom options for cannabis mylar bags.

  • Matte surface
    Matte Surface Custom Mylar Bags
  • Glossy surface
    Glossy Surface Custom Mylar Bags
  • Holographic surface
    Holographic Surface Custom Mylar Bags
  • Gold surface
    Gold Surface Custom Mylar Bags
  • Silver surface
    Silver Surface Custom Mylar Bags
  • Special shaped
    Custom Shape Mylar Bags
Mylar bag factory
Custom Cannabis Mylar Bags Supplier in China

Custom Smell Proof Bags for Weed

  • “They make great quality ziplock bags at crazy prices.”

Can we send mylar bag samples?

Yes, but we can only send blank samples.

Can we make small custom mylar bags order?

Yes, we can make small order too.

What are the shipping methods?

25-30 days by sea ship, 8-12 days by airmail, and 3-5 days by express.

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