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How to Smoke a Pre Roll?

Smoking a pre-roll is a straightforward yet nuanced experience that can enhance your enjoyment of cannabis. Whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned user, mastering the art of smoking a pre-roll involves understanding proper techniques to ensure a smooth and pleasant session. This guide explores the essential steps and tips for smoking a pre-roll effectively, from preparation to inhalation techniques.


Definition of a Pre Roll

A pre-roll, short for pre-rolled joint, is a ready-to-smoke cannabis cigarette. It consists of ground cannabis flower that has been rolled into a smokable cylinder using rolling papers. Pre-rolls are typically sold at dispensaries and come in various sizes and strains, offering convenience for cannabis users who prefer not to roll their own joints. 

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How to Light a Pre-Roll (Before Smoke a Pre Roll)


Lighting a pre-roll is a simple process, but doing it correctly ensures an even burn and a pleasant smoking experience. By following these steps, you’ll ensure a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience with your pre-roll.

  • Prepare the Pre-Roll

Ensure that the pre-roll is packed evenly. Gently tap it to settle the cannabis inside if necessary.

  • Hold the Pre-Roll

Hold the pre-roll between your thumb and index finger. Make sure the tip (the end you’ll light) is pointing slightly upward.

  • Lighting the Tip

Use a lighter or a match to light the tip of the pre-roll. Rotate the pre-roll while you light it to ensure an even burn. Avoid letting the flame touch the paper directly; instead, let the heat from the flame ignite the cannabis.

  • Inhale Gently

Once the tip is lit, take a few gentle puffs to establish an even cherry (the glowing part of the lit end). Avoid inhaling too hard as this can cause the pre-roll to canoe (burn unevenly).

  • Maintain the Burn

Continue to take slow, steady puffs to keep the pre-roll burning evenly. If it starts to canoe, you can use the lighter to touch up the unevenly burning parts.

Now, you can enjoy your pre-roll. Take breaks between puffs to avoid overheating the pre-roll, which can lead to a harsh smoke.


How to Smoke a Pre Roll


Smoking a pre-roll involves more than just lighting and inhaling. Understanding different inhalation techniques can significantly enhance your experience. Here’s a detailed guide to help you make the most of your pre-roll.

Mouth to Lung (MTL) Inhalation Technique

If you’ve ever smoked a cigarette, the MTL technique will feel familiar. It mimics the same process of drawing the smoke into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. This method allows you to better control the quantity of smoke and the intensity of each inhalation, making it a popular choice among both novice and experienced smokers.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Inhale Smoke into Mouth: Begin by drawing the cannabis smoke into your mouth. Avoid taking a deep breath at this stage; instead, think of it as “sipping” the smoke.
  • Hold in Mouth: Hold the smoke in your mouth for a brief moment. This allows you to gauge the intensity of the hit before it reaches your lungs.
  • Draw into Lungs: Once the smoke is in your mouth, take a deep breath in, drawing the smoke down into your lungs. This two-step process helps manage the amount of smoke you inhale at once.
  • Exhale: After holding the smoke in your lungs for a moment, exhale smoothly and slowly.

Recommendation for Beginners

The MTL technique is ideal for those new to cannabis because it offers a more controlled and measured intake. By holding the smoke in your mouth first, you can better manage the strength and effect of each puff.

This method can reduce the harshness of the smoke as it enters your lungs. Beginners might find it easier and more comfortable, minimizing the chances of coughing or an unpleasant experience.

Starting with the MTL technique helps new users acclimate to the effects of cannabis more gradually. It provides a gentler introduction to smoking, allowing for a better understanding of personal tolerance and preferences.

Direct Lung (DL) Inhalation Technique

The Direct Lung (DL) technique delivers a more intense and immediate effect since the smoke is drawn directly into the lungs without any intermediate steps. By drawing the smoke directly into the lungs, you increase the surface area for absorption, leading to a stronger and faster onset of effects.

This method can be overwhelming for beginners due to the intensity and the larger volume of smoke inhaled. It requires practice to master the technique and manage the potency effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Initial Inhalation: Place the pre-roll at your lips and draw the smoke directly into your lungs with a deep breath. Unlike the Mouth to Lung (MTL) method, you skip the intermediate step of holding the smoke in your mouth.
  • Continuous Draw: Inhale deeply and steadily, allowing the smoke to travel straight from the pre-roll to your lungs in one continuous motion.
  • Hold and Exhale: Once the smoke is in your lungs, hold it for a brief moment to absorb the cannabinoids, then exhale smoothly and fully.

Recommendation for Advanced Users

Many experienced cannabis users favor the DL method for its potency and efficiency. It allows them to achieve the desired effects more quickly and intensely.

Advanced users appreciate the efficiency of the DL technique as it maximizes the amount of cannabinoids absorbed in a single inhale, providing a robust and comprehensive experience.

For those who enjoy the nuances of cannabis strains, the DL method can enhance the flavor profile as more terpenes are delivered directly to the lungs, offering a fuller taste experience.

Tips for Smoking Pre-Rolls

Smoking a pre-roll joint is a skill that takes some practice and patience to perfect.

  • Don’t Inhaling When Lighting

When lighting the pre-roll, refrain from inhaling. Instead, let it hang from your lip or light it in front of you before placing it in your mouth. This technique provides better control and helps prevent uneven burning.

  • Rotate the Pre Roll for an Even Burn

Gently rotate the pre-roll while smoking to ensure it burns evenly. If you notice one side burning faster, adjust the pre-roll so the slower-burning side is on top. Use a lighter to help balance the burn if necessary. This skill might take time to master, but it becomes easier with practice.

  • Pace Your Smoking

Be mindful of your limits, particularly if you are new to smoking pre-rolls. It’s often best not to consume the entire joint in one go, especially if you’re smoking alone. You can always put it out and come back to it later.


Can You Smoke a Pre-Roll Inside?

Smoking a pre-roll inside is possible, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Smoking pre-rolls outdoors or in well-ventilated areas is the best choice. This helps disperse the smoke and reduce lingering odors. If you choose to smoke indoors, have an ashtray or a suitable container nearby to catch the ash from your pre-roll. This helps maintain cleanliness and prevents accidental fires.


How to Put out a Pre-Roll Joint?

To extinguish a pre-roll joint, begin by gently tapping off any excess ash. Hold the joint near the lit end, being careful not to deform its shape. Press the lit end gently against a flat, hard surface, repeating until the ember is extinguished. Afterward, store the pre-roll in an airtight container or joint tube to maintain its freshness.


Why Do Prerolls Run?

Pre-rolls often run because of several factors, including the presence of seeds or stems in the cannabis, overly fine grinding of the product, and insufficient packing density. When there’s too much airflow from the tip to the top of the joint, it can also contribute to uneven burning and cause the joint to run. These issues collectively affect the combustion process, leading to an uneven and less enjoyable smoking experience with pre-rolls.


How Many Times Can You Relight a Pre Roll?

You can relight a pre roll as many times as you’d like, allowing you the flexibility to control your smoking sessions according to your preference. When the preroll has been smoked down to the filter, it’s typically considered finished, and you can then dispose of it.


Are Pre Rolls Better Than Flowers?

Pre-rolls and cannabis flowers each offer distinct advantages depending on your preferences and needs. Pre-rolls provide convenience and precise dosing, making them convenient for on-the-go consumption. In contrast, cannabis flowers allow for customization of joints and the ability to control the quality and strain selection, offering a more personalized and tailored smoking experience.


Final Words

By following the techniques outlined in this guide—such as proper lighting, inhalation methods, and handling—you can optimize their smoking experience. Whether for relaxation or therapeutic benefits, smoking a pre-roll can be a ritualistic and satisfying activity when done with care and mindfulness.


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