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Frequently asked question about customized cannabis packaging


Do we provide samples?

Yes, we provide free blank samples or customization samples for you to test quality.

How long can you receive the samples?

Blank samples 7-10 days, Customization samples around 7 days.

Do we offer packaging design services?

We can do logo or color design, no pattern design service.

Bulk orders

What is the production time of customization package?

Depends on the product you need, but most of them between 15-25 days

What are the shipping options do we have?

Express:4-7 days, Airmail:10-15 days, Sea ship: 25-35 days.

What is the payment terms?

30% deposit and balance upon shipping.


Can we make package with your logo and design?

Yes. We can make your customization package.

Can we creat uniqe packaging acorrding to your product?

Yes, we can build your unique package.

Can we do video meeting for communications?

Yes, we prefer to call/video meetings for complicated communication to save you time.

Do we have warehouse in the US?

No, we don’t. It will increase the cost a lot.

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