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Custom Cannabis Vape Hardware & Packaging


Custom Cannabis Vape Hardware & Packaging

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Cannabis Glass Tubes

NICKVI Packaging’s Cannabis Glass Tubes

NICKVI Packaging’s cannabis glass tubes offer a sophisticated and protective solution for cannabis products, ensuring they remain fresh, compliant, and visually appealing. By opting for these high-quality glass tubes, cannabis businesses can enhance their brand’s image and provide a superior product experience for their customers.

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Custom Cannabis Glass Tubes

Glass Tube Production Process

Raw glass tube material

Borosilicate glass is the most common material that we use in custom glass tube production.

Raw Glass Tube Material
Moulding glass tubes

In this automatic production line, raw glass tube material will be heated up and molded to the shape that we need.

Moulding Glass Tubes
Stress relief

We will need to do stress-relief heat treatment for all custom glass tubes before we pack them.

Stress Relief

We can paint customized Pantone colors and customize labels for your glass tubes if you need them.

Paint and Label Glass Tubes

We will put shipping marks on each case and keep your custom glass tubes in our warehouse before shipping.

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