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Custom Cannabis Vape Hardware & Packaging


Custom Cannabis Vape Hardware & Packaging

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Pre-Roll Tubes

NICKVI Packaging Pre-roll Tubes

Pre-roll tubes, also known as joint tubes or doob tubes, are a popular packaging option for pre-rolled cannabis joints. They are designed to protect the pre-rolls from damage and maintain their freshness.

Material Options
Plastic: The most common and cost-effective option, often made from recyclable materials.
Glass: Provides a premium look and feel, offering better protection and preservation.
Metal: Durable and reusable, often used for higher-end products.

Closure Types
Snap Caps: Simple and secure, providing an airtight seal.
Screw Caps: Offer a more secure closure, often with child-resistant features.
Cork Stoppers: Provide a classic and premium appearance.

Branding: Custom printing for logos, strain names, and other branding elements.
Labels: Options for compliant labeling with necessary product information.
Colors: Available in various colors to match brand aesthetics.

Child-Resistant Features: Ensures the packaging meets regulatory safety standards.
Labeling Space: Adequate space for all required compliance information, such as THC content, usage warnings, and barcodes.

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Custom Pre-Roll Tubes

Pop Top Bottle Production Process

Raw plastic material

We only use high-quality PP plastic to produce your custom pop tops tube.

Raw Plastic Material
Injection machine

The injection machine will melt the raw plastic material and inject it into the plastic mold.

Injection Machine
Moulding tubes

All plastic tubes are made from a mold. We can produce your pop tops tube according to your customized Panton color.

Moulding Tubes
Labeling tubes

We can label your custom top pops tube if you want. Other than labeling, we can do heat shrink film, heat transfer printing, in mold labeling.

Film Lamination

We will put shipping marks on each case and keep your Custom pop tops tube in our warehouse before shipping.

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