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Custom Cannabis Vape Hardware & Packaging


Custom Cannabis Vape Hardware & Packaging

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Magnetic boxes

Nickvi Packaging Printed Boxes

NICKVI Packaging’s printed boxes for cannabis offer a comprehensive solution for cannabis businesses looking to enhance their product presentation, ensure compliance, and protect their products. By choosing custom printed boxes, businesses can effectively communicate their brand identity and meet the specific needs of their customers.

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Printed Boxes Production Process

Raw cover paper

Cover paper is the paper on the top layer of the custom-printed boxes, all of your designs were made on it.

Raw Cover Paper
Cutting cover paper

Depending on your custom box size and design, we will need to divide the cover paper.

Cutting Cover Paper
Content printing

All information on your custom paper box will be printed on this full automatic printing machine.

Content Printing
Film lamination

The film on the surface can protect your custom packaging boxes and make them look better.

Film Lamination
UV processing

UV process is one of the most common methods to emphasize important information.

UV Processing
Gold silver foil+emboss

Gold foil, silver foil, and emboss are all regular processing on custom printed paper boxes.

Gold/Silver Foil+Emboss
Cutting shape

Once the content and finishing process are all finished, we will need to cut out the custom paper.

Cutting Shape
Raw body paper

The backing paper is the base layer to give strength or support to the top layer.

Raw Backing Paper
Cutting body paper

In this procedure, we cut the backing paper into the shape that we need.

Cutting Backing Paper
Glue cover and body paper

Glue cover and backing paper is the final step to produce a custom child resistant paper box.

Glue Cover and Body Paper

We will keep your custom paper box in our warehouse before shipping.

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