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Custom Cannabis Vape Hardware & Packaging


Custom Cannabis Vape Hardware & Packaging

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Mylar bag

Nickvi Packaging Mylar Bags

Cannabis Mylar bags are a popular packaging option in the cannabis industry due to their durability, airtight seal, and ability to preserve the freshness of the product.
By opting for custom Mylar bags, cannabis businesses can enhance their brand presence while ensuring their products stay fresh and compliant with industry regulations.

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Custom Cannabis Mylar Bags Wholesale

Printed Mylar Bags Production Process

Printing copperplate

We will build printing copperplates according to your mylar bag design and each color will need one.

Printing Copperplate
Raw flim material

A custom mylar bag usually is made of 3 layers. Surface layer: PET/MOPP/soft touch film, middle layer: VMPET, bottom layer: food grade PE.

Raw Film Material
Content printing

All information on your custom mylar bags will be printed on this full automatic printing machine.

Content Printing
Film lamination

The film on the surface can protect your custom printed mylar bags and we will use the film depending on your requirements on the surface, matt, light or soft touch, etc.

Film Lamination
Baking film

Baking film will improve the stickiness of the compound adhesive and volatilize the solvent.

Baking Film
Cutting shape

In this line, we will add the seal and cut out the finished custom mylar bags.

Cutting Shape

We usually will open your custom mylar bags when we pack them, so you don’t have to open them when you pack with your product.


We will put shipping marks on each case and keep your custom mylar bags in our warehouse before shipping.

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