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Why Is My Cart Not Hitting

Are you frustrated with your vape cartridge not hitting properly? You’re not alone! Many vape users experience difficulties with their carts from time to time. This guide will troubleshoot the most common reasons why your cart might not be producing vapor and offer solutions to get you back on track.


Why Is My New Cart Not Hitting


If your vape cart isn’t hitting, various factors could be at play. The battery might be dead, or perhaps the device hasn’t been stored correctly. Understanding the root cause is essential for effective troubleshooting.

Battery Issues

A dead or faulty battery is a common reason for a vape cart not hitting. This issue is indicated by airflow without smoke, or an inactive indicator light. By addressing battery issues promptly, you can restore proper functionality to your vape cart and ensure a satisfying vaping experience. Regularly monitor battery health and follow manufacturer recommendations for maintenance to prevent future problems.


  • Check for Faulty Battery: If you notice weak heat or leakage, consider replacing the battery.
  • Recharge Battery: If the battery is low, connect it to a power source and recharge.

Connection Issues

Improper connection between the battery and tank can prevent your vape from working. Cleaning the battery terminal and tank end often resolves this. By addressing these connection issues methodically, you can enhance the performance of your vape device and enjoy a consistent vaping experience. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning contact points and replacing worn-out components, can also prevent future connectivity problems.


  • Clean Contact Points: Use a paper towel to clean, then screw the tank back on without over-tightening.
  • Replace Coils & Atomizers: Disassemble the device, remove the old coil or atomizer, and install a new one.
  • Check and Adjust Battery Contact Pin: Ensure the spring is in good condition and make necessary adjustments or replacements.

Clogged Cart & Airflow Problems

Clogs and airflow issues are common, especially due to moisture and air buildup. This can cause a burnt or bitter flavor. By addressing clogged cart and airflow problems promptly, you can restore optimal airflow and flavor to your vape experience. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your vape device can also help prevent these issues from recurring in the future.


  • Clean Clogged Carts

If you notice a rough draw or throat irritation, the cartridge may be clogged.

Use a paperclip or similar tool to carefully clear any blockages in the cartridge’s airflow channels.

Gently scrape away residue or debris that may be obstructing the airflow, being careful not to damage the cartridge.

  • Unblock Airflow

Inspect the mouthpiece and airflow pathways for any cracks or visible blockages.

If you find any blockages, gently warm the vape device by activating it briefly (without inhaling) or using a low-heat setting.

Keeping the vape upright during this process helps any trapped liquid or debris flow back into the correct position.

Ensure the mouthpiece and airflow channels are clear before using the vape again to prevent further issues.

Blocked Mouthpiece

A blocked mouthpiece is another common culprit behind light vapor and a burnt taste. This blockage is usually caused by accumulated residue from e-juice or concentrate.

Signs of a Blocked Mouthpiece:

  • Weak or airy hits: If you’re taking long, strong puffs but getting minimal vapor, your mouthpiece might be clogged.
  • Burnt taste: Restricted airflow can cause the coil to overheat, resulting in a burnt taste.


  • Disassemble the mouthpiece (if possible): Some vape pens have detachable mouthpieces for easier cleaning. Refer to your device’s manual for disassembly instructions.
  • Dry cleaning: First, try removing loose debris by gently blowing through the mouthpiece. You can also use a dry cotton swab to remove any visible residue from the opening.
  • Soaking: For stubborn clogs, soak the mouthpiece in warm water for a short period (around 10 minutes) to loosen up the e-juice or concentrate.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (optional): If soaking doesn’t work, you can use a cotton swab dipped in high-percentage isopropyl alcohol (usually 70% or 90%) to clean the interior. Important: Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your mouthpiece, as they can damage the material.
  • Rinse and Dry: After soaking or using alcohol, thoroughly rinse the mouthpiece with clean water and dry it completely with a paper towel or clean cloth before reassembly.

Faulty Cartridge

Faulty cartridges are easy to identify through poor printing quality, reduced functionality, and low productivity. Using them can pose health risks, such as headaches, skin allergies, and asthma.


  • Check for Leakage

Monitor the consumption of e-liquid. If it depletes rapidly, check for visible leaks around the cartridge seal.

Tighten the cartridge components securely to prevent further leakage.

If leaks persist, discontinue use and consider replacing the cartridge to avoid potential health risks.

  • Address Burnt Taste

If you experience a burnt or unpleasant taste while vaping, stop using the cartridge immediately.

Contact the manufacturer or supplier to request a replacement cartridge.

Ensure the replacement cartridge meets quality standards and resolves the taste issue effectively.

By identifying the specific issue, you can take the appropriate steps to get your vape cart working again.


Why Is My Vape Lighting up but Not Hitting

Disposable vapes offer convenience and ease of use. However, encountering a malfunctioning vape that lights up but produces minimal or no vapor can be quite irritating. This guide explores common issues and solutions to get you back to enjoying your disposable vape.

  • Defective Unit

A small percentage of disposable vapes may be faulty from the get-go. If your vape isn’t performing right out of the box, contact the retailer immediately to discuss a replacement or return.

  • Leaked E-Juice

Leaking e-juice not only wastes your favorite flavor, but it also renders the vape inoperable. Leaking can also damage your clothes and belongings. If you suspect a leak, the device is likely unusable.

  • End of Puff Life

Disposable vapes have a predetermined lifespan measured in puffs. If your vape lights up but produces minimal vapor, it might have reached its puff limit. Disposable vapes typically include a puff counter or an LED light that indicates when the device is nearing its end.

  • Clogged Vape or Low Battery

A clogged airflow or a low battery can also hinder vapor production. Gently tapping the device on a firm surface can help dislodge clogs. For a low battery, consider allowing the device to charge (if rechargeable) or simply replacing the disposable vape.


Why Is My Cart Not Hitting but Has Airflow

By following these steps, you should be able to diagnose and resolve the issue of your vape cartridge not producing vapor despite having airflow.

Check for Wick-Clogging Issues

If your vape cartridge has airflow but doesn’t produce vapor, it might be clogged. A smooth airflow doesn’t guarantee an unclogged cartridge, especially if the wick lacks oil. This often results in a harsh flavor or no vapor production.

To resolve this, warm the cartridge slightly to help the oil absorb into the wick. You can do this by holding it in your hands, placing it in a warm water bath, or using a low-heat hair dryer until bubbles appear from the wick openings.

Try Another Cartridge

If warming doesn’t solve the issue, try using a different cartridge to determine if the problem lies with the cartridge or the vape pen itself. If the second cartridge works, the original cartridge is likely the issue. If neither cartridge works, the problem may be with the vape pen.

Troubleshoot Your Vape Pen

If a different cartridge works, skip this step as your vape pen is fine. Otherwise, troubleshoot your vape pen by following these steps:

  • Ensure the battery is fully charged by connecting it to your computer.
  • For pens with a manual button, click it five times to turn it on.
  • For puff-activated pens, try puffing more firmly.
  • Check and clean the pen’s threading with a slightly dampened alcohol swab if dirty.

Ensure Proper Cartridge Attachment

After confirming the vape pen isn’t the issue, ensure the original cartridge is securely attached. Tighten it fully without overdoing it to avoid damaging the cartridge.

Verify the Cartridge Isn’t Empty

Double-check that the cartridge contains oil. Empty cartridges won’t produce vapor.

Allow Wick Saturation Time

If you’ve recently filled the cartridge, allow about 30 minutes for the wick to absorb the oil before use.

Inspect the Cartridge’s Center Pin

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, check the cartridge’s center pin. Sometimes, it doesn’t extend enough to make contact with the vape pen’s threading post. Gently wiggle the pin with needle-nose pliers to ensure proper contact.


Why Does My Vape Keep Hitting After I Stop

Vaping shouldn’t be a gamble! If your device keeps firing even after you stop taking a puff, it’s called auto-firing and can be dangerous.

  • Worn-out Buttons or Wiring: Constant use can cause buttons to stick or wires to loosen. This disrupts the device’s operation, leading to unexpected firing. Stop using your vape immediately if this happens. Seek professional repair or replacement from the manufacturer or a qualified technician. Regular maintenance, like cleaning buttons and ensuring everything is securely assembled, can prevent this.
  • Battery Blues: Damaged, overused, or incompatible batteries can trigger auto-firing. Mishandling batteries, like carrying them loose in pockets, is another risk factor. Use only high-quality batteries recommended for your device and store them in protective cases. Replace batteries promptly if they’re damaged or show reduced performance.
  • E-Liquid Leaks: Leaks can cause malfunctions when the liquid reaches internal components like the circuit board or buttons. This can lead to auto-firing. To prevent this, regularly inspect your device for leaks, especially around tank or pod connections. Clean any spills promptly and ensure everything is securely fastened. Avoid overfilling your device to minimize leaks.
  • Accidental Firing: Sometimes, it’s us! Accidentally pressing buttons or carrying an unlocked device in a pocket or bag can trigger auto-firing. Many devices offer locking mechanisms to prevent this. Use the locking feature whenever possible and learn how to operate it to minimize accidental firing.

Rarely, manufacturing defects can cause auto-firing even in new devices. If you suspect a defect, contact the manufacturer or retailer. Many brands offer warranties that cover such issues and can provide repair or replacement.


Why Is My Cart Not Hitting and It’s Not Clogged

Even if your cart isn’t clogged, there are a couple other reasons why it might not be hitting.

A dead battery is the most common culprit. Try charging your vape pen completely.  If it’s charged, make sure the connection between the cart and the battery is secure. Clean the contact points on both the cart and the battery with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol (let it dry completely before use).  If your battery is old or damaged, it might be time for a replacement.

Sometimes the cartridge itself might be faulty.  A defective coil or a poor quality oil can prevent the cart from functioning properly.


Final Thoughts

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide and your cart still isn’t hitting, it might be time to consider replacing the cartridge or the battery. Remember, proper maintenance and using high-quality components can significantly improve your vaping experience. Hopefully, this guide has helped you identify and fix the issue with your cart. Happy vaping!

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